September 01, 2004

When Worlds Collide, Or Never Cross the Streams, Ray

I forgot to mention this earlier, but I think it's kinda neat.

There were plenty of camera shots of Dick Cheney and family last night on Fox's Convention coverage, as there had been the night before. (I have never seen Dick Cheney with any expression on his face other than that half-smile of his. At the same time, he always looks like he's about two seconds away from clutching his chest and keeling over.)

Anyway, last night, the Missus and I noticed at one point a little girl hanging around with the Veep. She must have been about fourish or so - long, darkish hair. I am just about positive she was/is one of Cheney's granddaughters. There is also an extremely good chance that she was the one christened in the same baptismal service as was our own four year old girl. The Llama-ette's Godfather? Steve-O. The Cheney girl's Godfather? Dick himself. They stood right next to each other during the presentation, with self but a few feet away.

Looking at the girl, my first thought was how fast she'd grown. Then I had to remember that my own wasn't a baby anymore either.

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