August 30, 2004

Don't That Just Unplug Yer Heatin' Pad

Y'now, I have been giving my old law firm lots of credit over the past months for the accomodating manner in which they've dealt with my transition into government service. And deservedly so - they have really been great about letting me set my own schedule and letting things wind down smoothly.

But I guess it's just too much to expect them not to blow it over something. When I left for vacation, I still had a small rug, a school alumni chair and two or three boxes of stuff left in my old office. "No problem," everybody said, "we'll just send it along when you get settled at your new place."

So today, I get a call from the HR people saying I better get my stuff out of there and that the firm isn't going to do it for me (read pay for it) after all. Sheesh! It's not as if I had a full-sized U-haul's worth of junk to go cross-country. I am now literally four blocks down the street from where I was. If I were still driving into town, I could load all the stuff in my car and cart it over in about 5 minutes. Hell, I could walk it over but for the chair. You would think that just as a matter of professional courtesy they would do this one last little thing. But noooooooo. Instead, I'm going to have to get a courier company myself.

Somebody once wrote something about "little acts of unremembered kindness". This is the opposite - a little act of petty meanness. Those get remembered much more often.

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