August 25, 2004

What river forms the watery border between Cambodia and Vietnam?

Denial, of course.

(Rim shot).

Seriously folks, here's Blackfive with the serious analysis of where this is all going. And Sgt. Mom, with (as always) the proper perspective.

I love reading Sgt. Mom's stuff: she reminds me so much of one of the secretaries in our dean's office. If anything happened to her, the whole freakin' college would collapse like a Tilt-a-whirl with a rusted Jeebus nut in about the time it would take to drain a 7-11 slurpee (regular, not king-sized). This will be only of particular interest to regular reader Liz, who also works on the farm and knows who I'm talking about, but still. It's the Sgt. Mom's that have made America great since 1607. And don't let any wimmin's studies MLA po-mo humanities dillweed tell you otherwise.

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