August 21, 2004


An interesting tidbit re John Kerry's FEC suit against the Swiftvets:

(April 7, 2004) John Kerry has hired an Internet-savvy Democrat to run his presidential campaign's online communications, a move that raises new questions about the link between his campaign and the independent groups that run TV ads on his behalf.

Zach Exley, the director of special projects for the MoveOn PAC, is going to the Kerry campaign to become its director of online communications and organization.

Exley also worked during the Democratic presidential primary for Howard Dean, helping Dean set up his web-based organization.

Since Kerry became the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee in early March, the MoveOn PAC has spent more than $2.5 million on TV ads that attack President Bush.

But under the new campaign-finance law, those efforts cannot be coordinated with the Kerry campaign.

A MoveOn statement said Exley and the staff of all MoveOn entities have agreed that they will not be in contact through the election period to avoid the appearance of coordination, "even though federal election rules permit some forms of communication."

Of course, we got that from our evil Sith Masters at Bechtelhalliburtoncarlylegroupilluminatiskullandboneskennebunkportjaycees, all in the service of the Amerikan Empire of Bushitlermcsmirky the chimp.

UPDATE: Needless to say, Rusty's Sandcrawler is all over this story like model airplane glue strands on a dungeon and dragons player's nostrils....

Posted by Steve at August 21, 2004 10:13 PM | TrackBack

Can u even believe Kerry crying for Bush to make the Swifties stop it? What a GIRL.

Posted by: jeff at August 22, 2004 04:17 AM

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