August 20, 2004

The Arab News Reviews the Olympics

and the result is rather predictable: security issues are way overblown because of American fear-mongering, and oh those trashy and despicable beach volleyballers!

How did they describe the massacre of Israeli athletes by Yassir Arafat's thugs at the 1972 Munich Games:

Visions of a terrorist attack on the Olympic village, a la Palestinian strike at the 1972 Munich games, must have danced through the heads of Greek security officials.

Unfortunately for the Saudis, antisemitism isn't an Olympic event, otherwise they'd bring home gold for the Team event (Men's only, of course), not to mention the Overall Competition as well as the individual events.

No mention in the article of course about the Iranian athlete who refused to compete against an Israeli in Judo---surely for fear of losing. And you'd have to know it was fixed, the Arab News would say, because after all:"what's the name of the sport? I tell you, their influence is everywhere!" Cowards.

No mention of course also about the sad and pathetic exclusion of women athletes from their country as well.

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