August 18, 2004

Just and Unjust Wars, and some Llama-Razzing

Jeff over at Beautiful Atrocities has an excellent review of Michael Walzer's new book out about the Iraq War.

The funny thing is, I found Jeff's site via sitemeter, as he linked to us razzing us about moving to the evil collective that is moo.knew. I hadn't seen his site before, and it's absolutely fabulous, elegantly laid out, lots of quirky little pshops, and it's going on our blogroll. That's the funny thing about razzing....

UPDATE: Scroll down for his quiz on whether you are the laziest person on the planet. The sad thing is that I have indeed had croutons for breakfast......

UPDATE PART DEUX: Jeff has a little thing for his original razzing showing a scientist being strangled by a vicious looking alien, symbolizing what would happen to us unsuspecting llamas by Pixy Misa. Of course, the REAL picture is closer to this:

llama being strangled by alien.jpg

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(Sadly, I've discovered that Photoshop is not exactly a DIY program. I'm still on chap2 of my correspondance course, but will keep you posted.)

Posted by: jeff at August 18, 2004 01:12 PM
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