August 17, 2004

Style Issues, Part Deux

Thanks for the font size and link color feedback--I think we're going to go with this combo for right now.

The biggest issue seems to be the the right margin. A little later I'm going to go through the MT syntax stuff to figure out how to fix it, but if anyone is open to suggestions or quick fixes, please let me know.

The new logo is also open to debate. Rob's not back yet, and I'm sure he'll have something to add. Basically, we're NOT going for a slasher-flick look: if anything, we're trying to go for the butcher's shop/deli look (hence the whole menu schtick), which feeds in to our age old quandry/mystery---are we serving up llama meat, or are we crazed llamas weilding cleavers? I've always favored the latter, but that's just me, Mr. Vegas).

Anyhoo, far from being slasher-esque, the cleaver jpegs I lifted from the Williams-Sonoma website (although, if you think about it, a much better setting for Alien v. Predator v. Jason v. Freddy would be a giant Bed, Bath & Beyond/Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn outlet, no? I mean, just for the look of shock on the Alien queen's face as the Predator hurls her bony butt into a giant display of Calphalon cookware comes crashing down on her giant head, one frying pan at a time, all the while Jason and Freddy shred their way through the bedding and fancy linens section. Think of the anarchy as all the yuppie khaki wearing fancy boys and girls running away, screaming, dropping their $6.57 Smoothie King pineapple pleasure smoothies on the floor! It brings a tear to my eye just thinking about it...but I digress) So the new logo is trying to project a smoother, more antiseptic look. But I also did one where I inserted the wise-ass llama head (the one with the Risky Business shades and the cigarette) into a Dog's Playing Poker motif (as well as one where I inserted the Llama head onto the body of Aristotle in the School of Athens picture, but that one was too scatalogical even for me....)

Anyhoo, the point is let us know what you'd like to see. Hopefully, over the next week or so we'll settle back into a new groove, what with learning how to tweak CSS templates and all, plus Rob starting a new job, me finishing up a big conference paper, the semester starting back up next week, new car shopping done with, and all the attendent fun of Llama Version 4.0 on the way....

UPDATE: How's that for the right margin--better? Does it need to come in more?

UPDATE DEUX: I'm cribbing my CSS codes from this site, which is generally excellent in these things.

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