October 25, 2005

Yeesh, Another Potter Movie?

Not to give away any spoilers or anything, but I think in this one Corporal Klinger finally convinces Potter to sign that Section 8 release after he (Klinger) insists that he's married to the camp goat and offers ample proof that the relationship has been, er, made official.....

Oh, wait a minute. Never mind.

In fact, I've never seen a Harry Potter movie nor read a Harry Potter book. [Insert modest bow here.] At first it was simply a lack of interest - as fond as I am of Tolkien and Lewis, I don't really care that much about fantasy in general. However, now that the HP marketing juggernaut is in high gear, it's more a matter of obstinant resistance to being hustled.

Eventually, I'm sure the Llama-ettes will stumble across this stuff and start reading it. Perhaps I'll take a squint over their shoulders at that point, but until then I say the figgo for Hogwarts.

YIPS from Steve:

The only response I have to this is


Deep breath....warm, happy thoughts.....frolicking puppies......smiling clowns....

Posted by Robert at October 25, 2005 02:10 PM | TrackBack

The books are pretty good as are the movies. As for your surprise at a 4th movie - there are 6 books so far and one more to come to complete the series. There will be 3 more movies, too. Prepare yourself.

Posted by: jen at October 25, 2005 02:24 PM

I've got to agree with jen--I've enjoyed both the books and the movies. On the other hand, I'm also a fully grown American who's never eaten at McDonald's, so I know something about reflexive resistance to marketing.

Posted by: utron at October 25, 2005 02:38 PM

You will fall. Eventually boredom will get the best of you.

You see how resistant to such temptations you are when the damn book is right in front of you when you are inking (through the dotting method) a large solid-black area for a damn art class.

With a .8mm pen.

There is nothing to stop that from happeining.

Posted by: TheRoyalFamily at October 25, 2005 03:44 PM

Heretic! To the Wizengamot with him!

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at October 25, 2005 04:08 PM


I don't think so, but I also don't think he's truly evil, which makes him quite the interesting character.

Posted by: owlish at October 25, 2005 09:43 PM

I resisted till last year. I am weak. But I blame the flu and being bored :)

And yes, Snape was framed! Or at least misunderstood in his obedience to Dumbledore.

Posted by: Ith at October 26, 2005 01:16 AM

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated...

Posted by: Lumps at October 26, 2005 10:09 AM