October 18, 2005

Your Blue Ribbon Google Search of the Day

Maybe perhaps for the century, as someone from Bridgeport, Pennsylvania visited the LLama Abode after googling up this beauty.

That's right, your LLamas are the one stop shop for all things:

blues clues satan

Personally, I feel fulfilled as a blogger to know that we are a true success now: of the 45,200 sites that google comes up with connecting Blue, Steve, and the Prince of Darkness, we're #4. (Sadly, we're only #18 on MSN search for "Steve O naked", but hey, I guess that's a good thing, particularly since I'm right after Steve Jobs.)

well get sued for this one.jpg

That, and the bizarre "Jennifer Millerwise" traffic has started again. Let me state right now this isn't funny: this started out as a joke last year when we started getting searches for said individual, and I put out a call for an explanation, as we were getting bizarre traffic looking for naked pics of Weather Channel babes (pathetic, I know!) It was a little stunt in google bombing---we would emphatically declare people who were looking for such things were complete pervs and we would have nothing to do with such tomfoolery! And sure enough, the traffic from the pervs came in, particularly after Wonkette linked to us on it. Now she's back in the nooz with the whole Plame/Flame/Fitzgerald thing from working with the Cheney people, and entries number 6 & 7 on google are our little stunt, right beneath an entry from her new boss---the Director of Central Intellligence.

boy are we in trouble now.jpg

Ha, as Dave Barry would say! (sound of Steve-O sweating bullets, legally obtained ones at that!) It could be worse (really!); instead of the Spokesperson for the CIA she could be the one for the IRS.

UPDATE: TIME TO QUIT WHILE YOU'RE AHEAD CATEGORY: Now we're going to be in trouble with the Attorney General: we're #1 on Yahoo for "Llama mating pics." Thanks, INDC Bill! Sadly, alas we're only #6 on google for "gay klingon" for our expose.

FURTHER UPDATE: I just noticed that I screwed the pooch on the initial link---I thought I was linking to the hard page showing the individual search, but apparently sitemeter rolls that through so I'm taking down the link.

Posted by Steve at October 18, 2005 04:47 PM | TrackBack

Like the LB site coming up for a Blue's Clues Satan search is an unexpected result. I am surprised there are any other choices.
Didn't your nickname used to be Bluebeard? Anyone out there want to know why? How much money you got Steve. I still owe you one for the post of me molesting the giant...

Posted by: LB buddy at October 18, 2005 05:38 PM

Bluebeard? I seem to recall it was going for an extended period of time without nookie in college. Not for a lack of opportunity, in retrospect, but because I was a world class clueless mf'er.

If you've got any pics, I'd love you to send them so I can put them up; if you send them early maybe we can turn it into our Christmas Card.

Tis the only way to deal with dirty lil' blackmailers...

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at October 18, 2005 08:52 PM

Curse you, you self-revealing, in-touch-with-your-feelings, hippie. How am I going to get any leverage if you admit to everything. It's just not done this way.

Posted by: LB buddy at October 19, 2005 10:56 AM

Sure it is---it's chapter 7 in Chris Matthews' book Hardball, and it's called hanging a latern on your problems. You come out, admit it all, get it out of the way, take the heat and the hit, and then you are innoculated, and it allows you to open up a big can o' whuppass on your opponent.

So about the time you decided to wear women's underwear because it made you row faster....

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at October 19, 2005 12:29 PM

"So about the time you decided to wear women's underwear because it made you row faster...."

That was Robbo.

Also, his wife should ask him about the trapeeze.

Someone is going down today...

Posted by: LB buddy at October 19, 2005 02:42 PM

Rats---I was hoping you'd forgotten.

Well, there's always our lost weekend in Montreal to remember fondly....

Posted by: Steve the LLamabutcher at October 19, 2005 03:01 PM

Ah, detente is secured by mutual assured destruction…

Posted by: LB buddy at October 19, 2005 08:01 PM

Number one for Llama mating pics?


The only one posting Llama mating pics is me!!!

Curse you Google! Curse your black heart!

Posted by: Vinnie at October 19, 2005 08:18 PM