September 11, 2005


Today is the 43d birthday of Kristy McNichol, the up-and-coming chick of the Seventies angst series Family but whose career never quite caught on afterward. It appears the ensuing years have not been kind to her--she has pulled hard time on both Love Boat and the estrogen channels. Kristy reportedly retired from acting and with any luck will not attempt a comeback. I prefer to remember her as she was. . .

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I loved Kristy McNichol. I particularly loved the movie "Little Darlings" - with Tatum O'Neal and Matt Dillon. That movie pretty much single-handedly convinced me to wait until I was ready to have sex, as opposed to because of peer pressure or because my high school boyfriend pushed me to. hahaha so stupid!! Little Darlings. Should be taught in sex ed classes. But seriously - I really loved her when I was a teenager. I seem to recall she came out with a really goofy Christmas album with her brother Jimmy.

Posted by: red at September 11, 2005 07:43 PM

My first crush.

Posted by: Eric J at September 12, 2005 04:35 PM