September 06, 2005

Gratuitous Llama Netflix Movie Reviews - Reload!

Having run through my first clip of new-to-me movies, I find it's time to ammo up again. Here is the next selection:


Notorious, with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman. Well, okay, I'm cheating a bit because I have seen this, but it was ages ago. Also, the Missus never has and she mentioned it the other day.


The Commitments. My sister still raves about the soundtrack to this movie. So why not?

Kind Hearts.jpg

Kind Hearts and Coronets, with Alec Guinness. Again, I'm cheating slightly. But again, I saw this ages ago and then not all the way through. And Alec Guinness ranks in my mind as one of the most impishly funny men (when he wanted to be) every to set foot on stage or screen.


Being John Malkovich. More Cusack eye-candy for the Missus. The question in my mind is: Can Malkovich, who is a gen-u-ine top-flight American stage actor, ever break out of his Hollywood psychopath typecasting?


Sahara. Because it looks like very dumb fun, that's why.

I'll let you know what I think.

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