September 06, 2005

Gratuitous Llama Netflix Virgin Movie Review #4*

*dedicated to the inauguration of my Netflix account with movies I've never seen before


Stop Making Sense. Well, what can I say? if you like the Talking Heads (which I do), then you'll like this film. In 1984, when it was made, I recall that the TH's were more or less at the top of their game. Most of the songs from this concert appeared on their Speaking in Tongues and More Songs About Buildings and Food albums, with a smattering of additions.

One observation: Am I the only person who thinks that Tina Weymouth looks rather shy on stage? Either that or she's completely whacked on something.

I've always thought there was a trade-off when it comes to live performances of popular music. On the one hand, there is a great deal of energy flowing back and forth between the band and the audience - that's part of the experience, after all. On the other hand, often times a lot of subtlety available in studio is sacrificed in order get the song out, and the singer tends to start simply shouting. Here, for instance, I didn't much like the renditions of "Take Me To The River" or "Girlfriend is Better". On the other hand, "Slippery People" came off terrifically, in part because of the audience singing along in the chorus. And "Psycho-Killer" did too because David Byrne looked, well, like a psycho.

VERDICT: Worth it, although it might have been better to watch with a room full of slightly squiffy fans. I probably wouldn't rent it again just for myself.

(Gratuitous additional Talking Heads plug: I know a lot of people don't much like their last album Little Creatures, but I do. It is certainly more subtle and subdued than their earlier stuff, but it isn't any less clever. So there.)

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