April 18, 2005

Now Settle Down, Everybody

It appears Ann Coulter is not very pleased with the photo Time magazine chose to run of her on the cover of its latest issue. Fair enough - the picture is not especially flattering.

But now some folks are using this kerfluffle as proof of the MSM's leftist bias in general and Time's in particular. Michelle Malkin has a round-up and Ace has some views too.

Well, maybe. But.......

I carry no brief for Time. But in all fairness, I would point out to those who think the magazine only does this sort of thing to prominant Conservatives to jump in the Way-Back Machine with me for a moment to review this Golden Oldy, which inflamed a lot of folks on the Left back in '96 or so......

Hillary Rodhan Clinton in Night Of The Living Dead

I remember the screeching when this one hit the newstands, including the charge that the "M" was placed so to look like the devil's horns on HRC. Furthermore, although it's hard to see in this copy, the lines and wrinkles on her face were very much more prominant in the original. The woman really did look like a vampire. Needless to say, I was laughing.

Look, it strikes me as probably more accurate to say that Time does this sort of thing to anybody who puts its editorial nose out of joint one way or another. While it's probably true that this is mostly the case with conservative figures like Ann and El Rushbo, I think it's also fair to say that it isn't exclusively so.

Just sayin'.

UPDATE: John Hawkins at Right Wing News points out the silver lining to all of this. And Stanley at the Barking Moonbats seems to have the same idea.

UPDATE DEUX: Welcome Malkin readers! I take Michelle's point about the other Hillary pics. There are times when Time feels like it has to kiss her backside and times when it feels like it can spit at her. Such is the world of politics. My point was simply that this is not exclusively a liberal/conservative split. Oh, and I meant to highlight INDCent Bill's suggestion that we would be better off holding our fire for more worthy targets.


YIPS from Steve: Yeah, us. Sorry Robbo--my bad.

There are just some pshops that not even I will post....

Posted by Robert at April 18, 2005 03:25 PM

There is wisdom in this post.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at April 18, 2005 03:37 PM

Yeah, that's because Robbo wrote it!

Posted by: Steve tlb at April 18, 2005 04:16 PM

Huh, I thought those really were her horns.
Was it Newsweek which got in trouble one time for darkening a photo of O.J.?

Posted by: RobertJ at April 18, 2005 04:19 PM

And yet Oliver Willis seems to thinks that Coulter's appearance on Time's cover is evidence than the MSM is actually conservative.

Posted by: Ira at April 18, 2005 06:07 PM

I meant 'evidence that the MSM...' -

Posted by: Ira at April 18, 2005 06:09 PM

Ira: you hit the nail on the head. Willis seems to think, but he never actually thinks.

Posted by: Joe R. the Unabrewer at April 18, 2005 11:47 PM

Excuse me, but considering that Hillary Clinton is paper-bag, run-screaming-into-the-night fugly I have to think that Time went out of it's way to try to make her MORE attractive than she could ever hope to be. Which, she still looks hideous but it could have been much worse. It could have been (urk!) candid and unretouched.

Posted by: BrendaK at April 19, 2005 04:15 AM

Bill from INDC Journal had this to say. I think it's very wise:

"The cover does evoke a feeling that there's something vaguely wicked, smug and powerful about Coulter. Which, when you stop and think about it ... is accurate. It's, um, part of her shtick? Should they have posed her with teddy bears? Perhaps a sexy glamour shot?"

It's not like they were doing a photoshoot of Mother Theresa. The goal of any good photographer is to capture the essence of a person -- their personality.

Now the Convervatives are pushing their liberal media bias theory into the realm of photography? Lately, Conservatives don't sound like the pre-election fighters I once knew -- instead they sound like a bunch of victims. It's very strange.

Posted by: LiberalRevolt at April 19, 2005 01:53 PM

Why would anyone have to prove the utterly obvious? I.E. that a media outlet, in this case Time, is slanted to the left? It's not easy to miss something like that, I mean you'd have to really stay away from books and print for that to pass you by. Either that or you'd have to be just slightly to the left of Stalin. In either case not wise ideas.

I guess it's "crybaby" when conservatives (which I am not, by the way, I'm very much libertarian) note what's been done to them, but it's not crybaby when the left screams bloody murder when something, real or imagined, is done to them.

I hate hypocrisy. Being from outside both parties, I can sure spot it when I see it too. (For example conservatives are hypocrites regarding the Terri Schiavo case.)

Meh, whatever. I'd rather read conservative pundits than leftists any day.

Posted by: SevenUp at April 19, 2005 06:42 PM

"Why would anyone have to prove the utterly obvious? I.E. that a media outlet, in this case Time, is slanted to the left?"

SevenUp: So, it's utterly obvious that media outlets are slanted to the left? Huh? How do you account for the most popular news media outlet, Fox News? What about one of the most popular radio shows, Rush? What exactly are you talking about? Where on TV or radio is the left represented with the degree of coverage that these two shows have?

"I guess it's "crybaby" when conservatives note what's been done to them, but it's not crybaby when the left screams bloody murder when something, real or imagined, is done to them."

Conservatives invented the name calling game. If they are so tough, then they need to quit acting like spousal abuse victims. Oh, that picture makes me look so bad. Oh, those leftie photographers make me look ugly. Who cares about Ann Coulter's photo anyway? Choose a topic that is more relevant and meaningful to the world, and quit complaining about things that mean absolutely nothing.

Posted by: LiberalRevolt at April 25, 2005 11:20 PM

Oh, and I forgot one of the most unbelievable cases of conservative martyrdom -- Tom Delay trying to make it seem like the left is crucifying him for no reason. He doesn't even need the left to tarnish his image -- he does just fine himself.

Posted by: LiberalRevolt at April 25, 2005 11:24 PM
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