March 24, 2005

Light Fuse. Step Back.

I finally got around to watching Team America: World Police the other evening. was funny. But to me, it wasn't the side-splitting howler that everyone has made it. (For example, the whole "F*ck Yeah!" thing wore pretty thin pretty fast, IMHO.)

I dunno. Perhaps I was just too tired that night. As a matter of fact, I fell asleep about two thirds of the way through. I suppose I'll have to try it again in order to give it a more balanced appraisal.

Posted by Robert at March 24, 2005 11:23 AM

Nah, it wasn't near as funny as SP the Movie. I saw it in the theater, & you could tell that while people really wanted to love it, it didn't do it. The puppet thing just didn't work for a whole movie

Posted by: jeff at March 24, 2005 01:17 PM

It has its moments.

Posted by: The Colossus at March 24, 2005 01:29 PM

Jeff - I almost mentioned that comparison. Glad I'm not the only one who felt that way.

Posted by: Robert the LB at March 24, 2005 01:40 PM
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