March 12, 2005

Quote of The Day

From Paul Johnson's column in Forbes (registration required):

{...}The Congo is only one of scores of failed UN missions in Africa alone. These failures don't seem to be taken very seriously by top UN bureaucrats. For example, Kofi Annan's predecessor, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, who is criticized in the first report of the Iraq oil-for-food scandal, replied: "I am not saying I am not responsible in this case. There are a lot of things that I am responsible for that were ten times worse than this, such as the genocide in Rwanda."

{my emphasis} Boutros Boutros-Ghali is really showing us where our priorities should be, eh? And admitting fault for Rwanda! It's a two-fer!

Go read Johnson's entire column. It's worth it.

Related aside: does anyone else miss having Boutros Boutros-Ghali as the Secretary General because they enjoyed the way his name rolled off their tongue? Particularly when they were faking a French accent?

Ok, erm...I guess not. I'm weird. I know this.

Posted by Kathy at March 12, 2005 01:49 PM

Mostly I miss the jokes about Boutros-Boutros-Boutros-Boutros-Boutros-Boutros-Boutros-Boutros- ... now, where was I... ?

Posted by: lemuel at March 12, 2005 03:17 PM

Was that really the guy's name? I always figured that he just had a bad stutter.

Posted by: D. Carter at March 12, 2005 11:23 PM
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