March 07, 2005


Today's honorable mention in the Flash in the Pan Babes of the Eigthties and Nineties: Milla Jovovich. Positively dynamite in The 5th Element . Best was the fight scene in her cabin while the diva was singing an aria. The Messenger was okay. The Resident Evil flicks were marginal and I am glad I saw them for four dollars apiece on cable rather than waste a night out at the movies, with dinner, tickets, munchies, and the superstar fifteen-year old babysitter's meter running at ten dollars an hour. MJ gets an honorable mention because there is still time for an intervention. Discuss.

Posted by LMC at March 7, 2005 09:22 PM

Milla is like a female Arnold. Best in roles where she is present for style, not dialogue. The Fifth Element was her Terminator -- if you catch my drift.

Posted by: The Colossus at March 7, 2005 10:11 PM

This is true. Her best role may be one where she does not say much.

Posted by: LMC at March 8, 2005 08:12 AM

Of course her best roles don't require that she speak much. She is a model. I agree that she did a bang-up job in Fifth Element. But I wasn't all that impressed at all with The Messenger. Indeed, if the Messenger had had a better Joan it might have turned out to be a good film. I haven't seen Resident Evil, so I can't pass judgement.

Perhaps with a lot of acting school she might move up from marginal actress to average actress.

Posted by: The Maximum Leader at March 8, 2005 09:01 AM

She also had a record out a few years ago. I wouldn't say it was great, but I kind of liked it. It certainly is better than a lot of other cross-over attempts. It was not dance music, what one would normally expect from a model--although I do believe she doesn't shave her maybe a little Lillith Fair feeling was to be expected??

Posted by: Misspent at March 8, 2005 06:36 PM

Her work in Dazed and Confused (her first film) pretty much defined her talents. Linklater didn't exactly have the strongest female contingent to pick from (Michelle Burke and Joey Lauren Adams were relative unknowns, Parker Posey was working in soaps, etc.) She got to sing a song and plaster some makeup on some Kiss figures, but her bitterness at not getting more opportunity in such a cast didn't make sense. She deserves her fate.

Posted by: PopVulture at March 10, 2005 09:44 AM
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