March 01, 2005

Throwing the Switch

Well, they've gone ahead and done it:

The new format, debuting February 28, features news reports, public affairs programs and newsmagazines with global reach from news sources that include two of the most respected newsgathering organizations in the world: National Public Radio and the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Expanding our portfolio of informative and enriching radio offerings, WETA is adding 40 hours of weekly programming that is new to the Washington airwaves, including news reports from every corner of the globe and newsmagazines covering science, health, culture, the arts and humanities, and much more.

What changes? WETA 90.9 FM is no longer a mixed format station that broadcasts classical music, with the exception of The Metropolitan Opera Radio Broadcasts, which continues to be an exclusive service to Washington-area listeners.

Oh, but hey - we all need to move on:

Adopting a new format was not an easy decision for WETA. I know that this change will be difficult for some, but this is the right choice for our diverse, cosmopolitan community and the right choice for WETA. With this format, WETA 90.9 FM presents an exciting new service to Greater Washington.

Join us on this voyage of discovery.

I believe Eric Cartman said it best: Screw you guys, I'm going home.

UPDATE: Heh. The local commercial classical station is already airing "Come on over - we'll never change" ads.

Meanwhile, a long time reader emails:

Dear WETA: I've decided that you are right; it is time
to move on. This has not been easy for me, but I know
you will understand that this is the right thing for
me to do. I am not going to send you any more money
because I am confident that now that you are reaching
out to a broader audience base, you will be receiving
more contributions that you can think what to do with.
So i'll just earmark that little bit of change to buy
myself some more CD's--thanks for enabling me to
broaden MY horizons too.


Posted by Robert at March 1, 2005 10:05 AM
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