February 22, 2005

Cats and dogs, living together....

Wretchard details the many signs that the tipping point in Iraq has been passed. (Captain Ed has a good post on the tipping point in Afghanistan being long passed)

When Paul Martin, Chirac and Kofi are getting on board, you know something is going right.

Not to mention Hillary trying to position herself as a realist hawk.

Wretchard's tactical conclusion:

The available data suggests that the Sunni insurgents are still capable of showing strength within their strongholds and menacing traffic on the Baghdad streets. However, even within their bailiwicks, their capabilities are not decisive. They have been unable to impede or even delay the political goals set by the US as evidenced by their failure to stop the January 30 elections. Moreover, they are unable to project any significant combat power in Shi'ite and Kurdish areas. Faced with the loss of oil revenues, a growing Iraqi security force and the gradual depletion of their stored weapons and suffering a terrible attrition rate their relative power is irretrievably on the wane.

It will probably be many months before the insurgency finally flickers out. Attempts will be made to extend its life through negotiations to win breathing space, through renewed and ever more heinous attacks. Unexpected events or a blunder may yet breathe life into it. But for the first time since terrorist warfare was developed and perfected in the Algerian war it has met its match on the battlefield. The vanquishing arms may have been American, but the heart that drove it was in large measure Iraqi.

The sign around work that the tipping point has passed is the absolute sullen faces among the Che-luvin' Francophiles on the faculty. You won't see so many long faces outside of John Kerry locked in a carney funhouse hall of mirrors.

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