February 19, 2005

Folks, we need to look at the big picture here

I know a fair amount of folks are in a bit of a humorous lather about the comissioning of the USS Jimmy Carter, the last of the Seawolf-class nuclear attack subs.

I was going to do a defense of the Navy on this one, what with Carter as the only Annapolis grad to become president, and the difficulty of gettting through Admiral Hyman Rickover's nuclear propulsion school when Carter was there.


Read between the lines of this story, and put the pieces together: what are they going to do with the USS Carter once it joins the fleet?

Insert eve-uuuuul laughter here. Sorry, Lil' Kim, this Carter isn't here to negotiate....

That's right, Team America has a new toy!

And I expect that the next 20 sets of Tomahawk Missiles that need to be launched at a Muslim country will come from this boat, simply so that the Pentagon spokesman can say "Today, Jimmy Carter blew up the capital of Carjakistan..."


Photoshop the Navy's official USS Jimmy Carter logo!

uss dumbass.gif

Posted by Steve at February 19, 2005 01:27 PM
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