February 17, 2005

We're Not Worthy!

Bow down and worship before the divine Peggy Noonan this morning as she sings the praises (and gently points out the weaknesses) of the Blogsphere. Mmmmmm........Peggy......mmmmmmm.

I'm glad she didn't focus exclusively on those bloggers going toe to toe with the MSM in the fields of news and politics, but also mentioned folks like Lileks and Terry Teachout. For every INDCent Bill or Dr. Rusty out there scalping Dan Rather or posting Jihadi snuff films, there's also someone blogging about their favorite music, changing the baby's diapers or when they ought to plant the spring bulbs. This is one of the major beauties of writing in the 'Sphere as opposed to the MSM. Not only do I not have to ask an editor if I can run another Eason Jordan story, I also don't have to ask if I can post about the daily harassment I suffer at the hands of my cat who, as soon as I get home, starts demanding loudly that I sit down in the library so he can jump into my lap.

Likewise, and equally importantly, readers of blogs aren't confined by the MSM's gatekeeping. If someone stumbles across our site, likes my cat-blogging for instance and is sufficiently impressed with the quality of our writing, why, they're free to come back any time. And to request more of the same. (We're always open to suggestions. That's what the TastyBits (TM) Mail Sack is all about.)

That, by the way, is why we Llamas like to think we have something pretty special going on around here. We get into the political debate now and again, but we also opine about whatever else crosses our crazed minds. As Steve-O likes to say, we cover the waterfront, gathering rats and toasting them on sticks so you don't have to.

Nonetheless, Peggy also makes what strike me as pretty interesting and tantalizing predictions about the future of the 'Sphere. Let me just say that if there is some editor out there who's looking for a quick-witted smartass to blog for him or her, drop us a line. I'm your man. And unlike a certain Bloggress-Who-Shall-Remain-Nameless-But-Who-Inexplicably-Remains-On-Our-Blogroll, I don't rely on anal humor to get my point across.

UPDATE: I forgot to mention also the fluidity of ideas flowing among bloggers themselves. In the Falling-Right-Into-My-Lap category, we have a long post over at Brian B.'s Memento Moron in which he and Naked Villainy's Smallholder discuss the root causes of the Civil War. Is this a great medium or what?


"Mmmmmmmm....exclusive...I'm...glad she did...INDC Bill...and...Dr. Rusty...snuff films...also...changing...their...diapers...for...anal humor."

Posted by Robert at February 17, 2005 10:01 AM

I am, like you, Robert, at that cusp age where I have friends who function on both sides of the computer literacy divide. Some of them are technical adepts (young at heart) who "get" the blogosphere immediately, the rest (the old atr heart) are hopelessly confused by it. They read someone like Jeff Goldstein and their eyes glaze over, like he's speaking Aramaic or something. They don't understand that it's deadly seriousness mixed with whimsy at unpredicatable ratios. You might get your martini all gin or all vermouth -- you pays your dollar (so to speak) and you takes your chances.

It is as free flowing as our lives themselves, which makes it hard to follow. Like Steve-O's closing post yesterday -- in a day you two covered Borgs and Cylons, Red Lobster, Kid Rock, Wodehouse. A million miles of Breadth all on the same page. Depth where you feel it's necessary.

I might go on at Wretchard-like lengths on some things or give a "Heh. Indeed." and keep moving.

And some of it is just said for effect. I mean, I don't really hate Elton John. It's just a bit I do.

Peggy Noonan gets the blogosphere. Dan Rather clearly doesn't. It is one of those cosmic dividing lines.

Posted by: The Colossus at February 17, 2005 10:41 AM

Steve, You have had too many children if changing diapers gets you hot...Stop now!

Posted by: babs at February 17, 2005 03:18 PM
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