February 11, 2005

"It's The Arts"

My friends, I feel that I have O-fficially arrived. Why, do you ask? Because I just noticed that Terry Teachout has blogrolled us.

How sweet is that?

[Ed. - Quick! Say something arty!]

Um, er, okay....I'm working on the thought that Will Smith may potentially be a modern day Cary Grant. Now, after you've wiped the spittle off your monitor, just hear me out. Smith has an undeniable stage-presence, an on-screen charm and smoothness, coupled with a very good sense of timing, that reminds me an awful lot of Grant's. Yes, he's been in some pretty bad movies, but I'm talking about the actor, not the material with which he's working. (Anyway, the hallmark of a good actor is that even in a bad film, you still enjoy watching him. I find Wild Wild West sufferable, for example, only because Smith and Kevin Kline are in it.)

Well, okay, let's say that Smith is an actor in the mold of Grant. He's still awfully young and may just go to seed. But then again, he may blossom into a more mature star eventually approaching a Grant-like calibre. I can't help wondering if this new movie Hitch is an effort to start heading in that direction.

(Mr. Teachout, if you care to de-link me now, I'll understand. That goes for you too, Sheila....)

Posted by Robert at February 11, 2005 12:44 PM
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