February 10, 2005

2008 Watch: because it's never too early...

Glenn has an interesting piece in the WSJ today on the presidential prospects of Phil Bredesen, the Democratic governor of Tennessee. In many ways he sounds like he has many of the same attributes and potential advantages that Virginia's Democratic governor Mark Warner has. They are both northerners by birth, business managerial types by training, kind of geeky by nature, but very good at gaining support and consensus in the deep rouge.

The question going into oh-six and oh-eight is how pragmatic are the Democrats willing to become to win back the presidency and stem the now decade-old tide running against them in Congress?

The problem is that neither Bredesen nor Warner are too popular among the trial lawyers, the hard-core women's groups, and pelegrino progressives (just as Rudy Guiliani is not exactly popular among the Jerry Fallwell crowd).

Posted by Steve at February 10, 2005 09:14 AM
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