February 04, 2005

Team America Update

The Times of London has a cool article on the unravelling of the North Korean regime. I think we should figure out a way to accelerate the process by converting Team America to an appropriate technological format (printing on bark, perhaps?) and drop millions of them on the nutjob's kingdom. It's hard to have people in absolute fear of you if they are wetting their pants laughing at you.

(HT to Jonah at the Corner)

Posted by Steve at February 4, 2005 09:43 AM

printing on bark, perhaps

They'd eat it, they're so hungry.

I remember reading an interesting article in the NY Times about N Korean children that had escaped to S Korea. As much as they hated the North and left it, they were still so brainwashed against America that they made reflexively aggressive, fearful statements to the reporter.

They were also seriously screwed up in the head and had garve trouble adapting to freedom after growing up in that society. Not to mention the number that malnourishment does on your brain. Man that's a horrific country. Like the biggest Branch-Davidian cult in the world.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at February 4, 2005 10:29 AM

Yup, that's the difference between Iraq & NoKo. Iraq was run by a mafioso, while N.K is a cult. And we all know how well taking out David Koresh turned out. If we go in, we gotta get Kim Jong-il right off the bat, even if it means using a nuke. Take out their deity and they'll lose the will to fight. I hope.

Posted by: Robert at February 4, 2005 01:49 PM

To my lasting regret, I was never able to convince State and DOD that they needed to get copies of "South Park: The Movie" made up in PAL format, for distribution throughout Iraq and neighboring states. They probably could have managed with just a hundred copies or so, leaving them conveniently discarded. Then they'd have been bootlegged, copied, and distributed everywhere.

The viewings in Saddams' palaces would have been a real Hallmark (TM) moment!

Posted by: John at February 6, 2005 09:58 AM
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