February 03, 2005

State of the Union thoughts

Watching Pelosi and Harry Reid last night I kept thinking to myself: this is all the party of FDR and Truman have left?

Ann Althouse has the transcript of a hilarious (for us) exchange last night between Chris Matthews and a guest on Hardball:

MATTHEWS: Yes. Well, that‘s why you‘re losing. Why you‘re losing. now is, you can‘t even point to your leaders.

At least George Bush is the leader of the Republican Party.

GOODMAN: It‘s not about my leaders. It‘s about...

MATTHEWS: Name a leader. Name a leader that you trust.

GOODMAN: It is not about my position. It is about not my thoughts about people.


GOODMAN: It is about positions. And I think that‘s what counts.


MATTHEWS: Well, that‘s the problem. If the Democratic Party is tongue-tied about who their leaders are, that‘s the beginning of the problem.

And if they elect Howard Dean as chair of the party.......yeeessh.

Yips! from Robbo - That ain't the half of it. Dean Barnett has a piece about the rising influence of the Blogsphere's own uber-moonbat Kos. With this kind of double gravity-sink forming over on the far left fringe, nobody, not even Hillary, is going to be able to pull themself far enough into the center to win an election.

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