February 01, 2005

It's In The Hole!

Ace has a response to the terrorist kidnapping of G.I. Joe that is so damn funny I'm going to reproduce it right here:

Top Ten Other Terrorist Announcements

10. "If the UN does not immediately withdraw support for the US occupation of Iraq, the Jihad Brotherhood will cut off one of Papa Smurf's three fingers"

9. "We have captured Rainbow Brite, and we will hang her as an infidel at dawn"

8. "Al-Zarqawi is pleased to announce his new lieutenants, following last week's captures-- COBRA Commander and Megatron of the Decepticons (also, we may get that completely-useless robot who can turn into a fuckin' camera)"

7. "If the American infidels do not depart Iraq immediately, the streets will run black with the ink of a thousand Etch-a-Sketches"

6. "I swear to Allah, if you do not release our brave warriors held in captivity, by next week Garfield the cat will have a whole new reason to hate Mondays"

5. "You have no chance of defeating us in Iraq, in Afghanistan, or in high-stakes games of Hungry Hungry Hippos"

4. "We have Jarts and we're not afraid to use them"

3. "By Allah the Great, if our demands are not met immediately, we will begin pestering your female soldiers with our great stockpiles of Mr. Microphones; they will not be able to sleep, for our constant utterances of Hey good-looking, be back to pick you up later!"

2. "Deliver Donald Rumsfeld to us as a war criminal for trial or we will take our collection of Muppets and pose them in the most insidiously-sexual of manners; verily, your children will weep bitter tears when they witness Elmo being sodomized by the deviant Gonzo and his pansexual chickens"

... and the Number One Other New Terrorist Announcement...

1. "A thousand explosive Chia Pets will thunder in the streets of Bagh... oh, fuck it, we're a bunch of buffoonish wankers everybody knows it"

Hit the link for Ace's round-up of this story, which started out as drama but has rapidly descended into absolute farce. And be sure to scroll to the bottom to find out who the mastermind behind this plot really is.......

UPDATE: Backcountry Conservative also has a round-up. Watching a bogus story like this trying to survive in the blogsphere is like watching a wounded capybara trying to swim across a piranha-infested Amazonian stream. Heh, indeed.

Posted by Robert at February 1, 2005 04:34 PM
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