January 27, 2005

Return the stones, Meeshur Chirac (that is, if you have any)

The Italian government is returning the Axum Obelisk to Ethiopia, where it had been plundered by Mussolini's invading hordes.

Which makes me think about the French, and how much they like to assert how it is they, and not zee steenking Jooo-loving Amerikans, that have the best interest of the Iraqi people at heart.

Well, there's a way they can put up, short of actually doing something militarily, financially, logistically, or epicurean-eeally.

It's time for the French to give back all the antiquities plundered from Iraq that are currently residing in the Louvre.

Starting with perhaps the most important piece of Iraqi heritage whose return now would be wonderfully symbolic: the code of Hammurabi.

Picture 041.jpg

free irak.JPG

It's time for the stones to go home, M. Chirac.

Posted by Steve at January 27, 2005 11:17 PM

aahhhh..don't you know, mon ami, it is only le fwance that can truly appreciate the beauty, subtle and nuanced objet d'art. never the savages.

Posted by: fluke_boy at January 28, 2005 06:33 AM
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