January 23, 2005

Must Re-See Tee Vee - Part 3

(Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here.)

Coming this spring:

Love Boat 2005 - In the two hour premier we learn that the CIA has been running a clandestine intel op aboard the S.S. Pacific Princess, unknown to anyone outside the White House. When she is attacked by an Al Qaeda-hijacked submarine, a high-speed chase ensues, with the Princess eventually running aground on an uncharted reef in the Bering Sea. The President (Edward Hermann) can do nothing to save the ship without exposing the illegal intelligence activities and therefore orders all knowledge of the incident kept under wraps. Cut off from help, the passengers and crew must fend for themselves. And the terrorists are still out there.....

Captain Steubing (Patrick Stewart) must bring a reluctant ship's worth of pleasure-seekers, including himself, to a war footing. In doing this, he promotes Gopher (Stephen Baldwin) to the post of Captain of Marines, where he constantly risks his life to save the ship and her people. Meanwhile, Isaac (Isaac Hayes) takes charge of rationing the short supply of food aboard. His clash with the Captain's radically Green daughter over the slaughter of seals for food is both gripping and powerful.

In the aftermath of the grounding, it is discovered that Doc (Steve Buscemi) actually got his medical degree in Barbados and has never treated anything more serious than sunburn or seasickness. Seconds count as Doc does his first tracheotomy while feverishly reading the pages of an old medical textbook, aided by Cruise Director Julie McCoy (Drew Barrymore) who is no more successful at hiding her drug addiction now than she was in the original series.

Bob Newhart: O.C. - After an extremely messy divorce from Emily, Dr. Bob Hartley takes his pyschiatry practice to Beverly Hills, there to start a new life. Bob quickly plunges into the fast living and glamour of this seeming paradise, pushing the bounds of medical ethics to the extreme in order to satisfy his high-priced clientele. But as his practice grows, he quickly realizes that all that is gold does not glitter. Will he be tarnished too?

Fantasy Island - Tropical Spice - Did you really believe that people would travel all that way to a Dreams-Come-True Island just to find out what would have happened if they'd taken that music scholarship in school or to "fall in love again" with their spouse of 50 years? Get real! Spike TV brings you this no-holds-barred, pushing-the-envelope, on-the-edge update full of sun, skin and more skin. You won't believe what Mr. Rorke (Hugh Heffner) and Tatoo (Snoop Dogg) have got in store for their guests! Ooooooh, yeaaaahhhh!!

Check your local listings......

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