January 13, 2005

A Llama Calendar

(Update: Pardon my outbreak of dyslexia in the title. All fixed now.)

This is a meme I picked up from Rocket Ted. Below the fold are the first sentences of the first posts made each month during 2004 here at the Butcher's Shop, coupled with some editorial reflection. (I figure that by doing this, I can satisfy my end-of-year-posting obligation, which is already way overdue):


Well, here it is, January 1, 2004. [Brilliant, Robbo. Just effin' brilliant.]


Very, very nice night away Friday night and in to Saturday. [Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM) has a loooong pedigree 'round here.]


I notice that our traffic was unusually high for a weekend - and this coming off a big day on Friday as well. [What this meant back then was that we had 4 hits instead of 2 and, for once, 3 of them weren't from my parents.]


My six year old's eyes were positively ablaze with excitement over the prospect of April Fool's Day this morning. [See February]


Allah's in a merry mood, as John Kerry picked up another endorsement today from another world leader respected by the moonbat wing of the Democratic Party: [That'd be Steve-O. Yup, the campaign season was starting to fire up.]


Where else in the world would someone have come up with the idea for the Condom Ambulance? [Okay, this was the second post of the day. But far more interesting than the first, which was "Sorry for the lack of posting," doncha think?]


Hooray! The Butcher's Wife and the Llama-ettes return to the fold this afternoon. [Yep. There's definitely a pattern here.]


Here's a little something to stir some small interest in the Blogsphere on a Monday morning: The fact is that this is my last week in the private sector for a while. [You have no idea what a relief it was to be able to type that post.]


I flipped on Fox News Channel about 9:30 or so to see what was going on. [Convention blogging. 'Bout all we did at the time.]


How's this for a different take:

the person who benefitted from low expectations last night was.......John Kerry. [Steve-O's powerhouse debate blogging.]


Today is absolutely beautiful outside---warm, sunny, leaves around, very collegiate. Both morning classes we went outside, sat out on the lawn in front of our building, and talked about nothing except the election. [It was in this post that Steve-O gave out his absolutely bang-on Electoral College predictions.]


Sometimes, I lie awake at night worried with an existensial conundrum: are we all just characters in a giant Moo Knew Sims neighborhood running on Reverend Pixy's jerry-rigged computer? [The World wonders.]

Well, there you have it. Mostly home life and politics. But isn't that what most of our blogpals do?

Posted by Robert at January 13, 2005 09:59 AM

I think I'll wait for the "365-Llama-a-day" Quotes desk version.

BTW, you mistyped "calendar" in the title of hte post.

Caffeine, my friend. Gives you the jitters.

Posted by: The Colossus at January 13, 2005 10:03 AM

I'll give you $8 for it.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at January 13, 2005 11:13 AM
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