December 21, 2004

It's The Extreme, Baby!

Yesterday in a What Would Dusty Do? post, I stated that I was not even going to bother watching my helpless 'Fins take on the Reason Bobby Lee Was Right New England Patriots.

Well, what with one thing and another, I did wind up watching the game. Okay, it wasn't so much a 'Fins win as it was a Pats loss. But we'll take it. I was a little apprehensive about how Gregg Easterbrook was going to treat the game today, but I need not have worried. He's not shooting fish at the moment:

New England Analysis Special!

Tuesday Morning Quarterback's AutoText can practically write this item -- which is a sign of how badly the once-perfect Patriots botched their tactics last night. First, Tis Better to Have Rushed and Lost Than Never to Have Rushed At All. Leading 28-23 with 1:52 remaining, the Flying Elvii faced third-and-9 on the Miami 21, the Dolphins down to two timeouts. Run the ball, force them to burn another timeout, and then you're punting back to a low-voltage offense which to that point had sputtered to gain just 210 yards at home. Doesn't that scenario favor the Flying Elvii? Instead Charlie Weis called a pass. Second, Crazy Pass Watch. Last week Tom Brady threw a pass whilst positioned on his keister (this is a technical term). The sports world praised Brady as charmed but yours truly said, "Plays like this almost always backfire: Tom, don't ever think about doing this again." With 1:52 remaining last night Brady threw from his keister once more, and this time the result was an interception. Third, Stop Me Before I Blitz Again! Now it's Miami facing fourth-and-10 on the New England 21 with 1:29 showing. Is Romeo Crennel distracted too? For two years during the Patriots' mega-streak, he has resisted the urge to call silly big blitzes. Now Crennel calls a silly big-blitz, sending seven gentlemen after A.J. Feeley; touchdown pass, and Miami wins. Ay caramba! Ye gods! Yumpin yiminy! Good golly Miss Molly!

Aaaaah, hahahahahaaaa! Rueage, indeed! Any time the 'Fins can take a game off the Pats, I consider the season to have been at least partially successful. We're still in the Suck Zone, but no longer under the Finger of God.

Posted by Robert at December 21, 2004 03:45 PM
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