December 21, 2004

Sherman, Mr. Peabody, and STeve the LLamabutcher

I'm heading out to Colonial Williamsburg today with the family, and will hopefully have a picture report later. I haven't been blogging much the past week or so, partly as a result of 1. end of the semester grading; B. we've had my wife's aunt, who is a real stitch, as a houseguest so we've been doing all sorts of family stuff, and III. the laptop is getting a new power thingee so blogging has to be done from the desktop in the basement kingdom, which puts a cramp in things to say the least.

WARNING: The dear one and I went to see "Spanglish" last night, which was being billed as a romantic family comedy thingee. I was suspicious about Adam Sandler playing the family guy dad, but the dear one---who usually will only consent to going to a movie if it's an adaptation of something a. that they read in book club or ii. they talked about in bookclub. However, she does have a soft spot for Tea Leone, who played Sandler's wife.

Anyhoo.........the movie is an utter disaster. Painful does not begin to describe it. I mean, I was rooting for, I don't know, a giant asteroid to suddenly materialize and destroy LA, or to have dirty cop Kurt Russell come by being chased by Ving Rhames or something, or maybe Sandler's restaurant getting blown up by a vindictive Vin Diesel, or Nick Cage as the mute delivery man come and release a herd of horned frogs, or Vince Vaughn to walk on all Mac-cked up, get my drift. You all know I love bad movies---but dammit, there's an art to the truly bad film. Spanglish isn't a bad movie---it just sucks egg whites, lacking even the punch to put the damn yolks in.

Posted by Steve at December 21, 2004 07:18 AM

Put micheal moore in the WAYBACK MACHINE sherman and set in for 1789 in france during the french revoltion and with his rich looks clothes he will get the guillotine

Posted by: night heron at December 23, 2004 09:09 PM
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