December 16, 2004

A Christmas Thursday Three

(Because I happened to be thinking about these things anyway...)

1. The ol’ Tannenbaum--fake or real? When does it go up? And when does it come down?

Real. Always real. Ours went up last Sunday (about par for the course) and will probably stay up until the end of Epiphany. The lower slopes are covered with various paper and other non-breakable doo-dads created by the children, while the more northerly regions are reserved for the ornaments we actually wish to preserve for next year.

This year, we decided to add an extra dose of lights (small and white, thank you). Only we bought the kind that randomly twinkle without realizing there was no way to make them stop. After a couple days, the Missus decided she couldn't stand it any more, ripped out the offending strands, and replaced them with non-twinkly lights. I must say, the tree looks ab-fab this year.

2. Shopping--fake or real? Oh, wait, that’s the last question. Here we are--do you wait until the last minute or plan ahead? Do you give gift cards?

I am quite comfortable surrendering all shopping authority to my wife (like I have any say in the matter). She typicall plans ahead and does last minute shopping. Such is the nature of the beast (the season, I mean, not the Missus). Gift cards are generally reserved for recipients such as office secretaries and the like, not family and friends. And yes, sometimes we regift. (Don't tell anyone.)

Actually, this year we are giving each other a wunnerful mutual present, namely a new set of French doors for our dining room. Our house is a thirty year old brick colonial. It is generally well built, but it was originally tricked out with Builder's Bargain Basement fixtures. The same owners lived in the place until we bought it four years ago and did virtually nothing by way of home improvement. So since moving in, we've steadily worked our way along, finishing the basement, installing bookshelves in the library, walling up the wetbar. Not only are we replacing the current doors to the dining room with some nice glass-paned ones, we're also moving the entrance over about three feet so that it is centered directly on the dining room wall.

We love doing this sort of thing. And I am truly grateful that this is something we can both appreciate and enjoy. (Although ask me again how I feel about it this weekend when I have to do all the touch-up spackling and painting.)

3. And finally, where do you carry out your celebrating, of whatever sort it might be? At your house, at a relative’s house in the area, or out of town?

Since we've had kids, Christmas generally gets celebrated at our house. (In fact, I can't think of an exception, off hand.) There is an insanely complicated formula for visits by parents, in-laws and other relatives from out of town that takes into consideration visits for Thanksgiving and the raft of Llama-ette birthdays that occur in the first three months of the year, in addition to keeping a running score as to who went where the preceding year. The result is that there is no set schedule. This year, my in-laws came for Thanksgiving, so won't do a repeat for Christmas. On the other hand, my parents will show up a couple days after Christmas. Next year will, I am sure, be a different ballgame.

Yips! to Jordana.

Posted by Robert at December 16, 2004 01:26 PM
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