December 16, 2004

We knew him way back when....

Reverend Pixy, the benevolent poo-bah of the moo knew mu shu domain of domination, the emperor of the empire of irony, explains all today----who exactly IS Pixy Misa?

I'm enjoying Pixy's rise to the toppermost of the TLLB for two big reasons:

1. it's great when nice things happen to good folks;

B. we can say "yeah, we new him back when he had that little Socrates icon thingee";

and, most importantly,

III. it's chafing the cheeks of INDC Bill that someone is above him in the TLLB. I mean, it's bugging the hell out of him: what else could explain his sudden uncharacteristic attacks on moo knew bloggers?

Okay, that's three, but you get my point.

Speaking of which, just in time for the holidays, we'll have up by tomorrow at the LLama store our official "INDC Journal Holiday-Themed Ass-less Chaps"---by the complete set in red & green naugahyde, as well as the festive Kwanza ones with the merry yellow, red, green, and black kente design, festooned with the INDC Journal stitched "EVERLAST" style right across the front. Bill's old pal Marion Barry has already ordered a dozen for the whole posse.

After all, nothing quite says "ho ho ho!" for the holiday party if you are working, umm, IN DC, for a well known interest group than showing up in holiday-themed ass-less chaps.

UPDATE: Well, now THAT explains everything!

Posted by Steve at December 16, 2004 11:58 AM
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