December 15, 2004

Another Reason To Avoid The Land Of The Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkeys

France Inaugurates World's Highest Bridge. Go over to the article and have a look at this opus. Be sure to enlarge the photo to get the full terror-inducing effect.

According to the article, the damn thing is nearly a mile and a half long, has pillars up to 1,125 feet high, and puts a roadway at 885 feet above the Tarn River Valley. But this is the worst part: [I]t is longer than the Champs Elysees and slightly curved to afford drivers a dramatic view of the surrounding countryside and the ancient town of Millau with its medieval bell tower.

Jesus. Mary. Joseph. So when you get on the thing, you can't see the other end. Instead, it appears as if you are going to hurtle off the edge and into oblivion. "Dramatic" view, my fanny. The mot juste here is "cardiac arrest-inducing."

I have a bad enough time with the Delaware Memorial Bridge on I-95. When we go to Long Island, I refuse to take the Verrazano Narrows, but go up and around via the George Washington and the Throg's Neck. Ain't. No. Way. I'd EVER cross this thing.

Sweaty-palmed Yips! to Ann Althouse, who seems to view this behemoth as some kind of achievement.

UPDATE: Kevin at Wizbang has a post up in which he says the other thing that occured to me on looking at this thing.

Posted by Robert at December 15, 2004 01:24 PM

I feel faint just reading the description. I can barely make it over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, this one might just kill me.

Posted by: Sarah at December 15, 2004 04:29 PM

I don't mind bridges. But I do like them to have nice tall and thick sides, so I don't have to look down.

Posted by: Robert at December 15, 2004 06:29 PM

Don't know if you ever are up New England way, but as a child, driving over the Sagamore and/or Bourne bridges to Cape Cod was always a terrifying experience.

These bridges are a mere 135 feet above the water. 885 feet? No f'ing way.

Posted by: The Colossus at December 15, 2004 07:17 PM

Yeah, but the architect, Lord Foster, is a Brit.

Posted by: RP at December 15, 2004 10:04 PM
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