December 15, 2004

I Think I Liked My Pimp Name Better

My Secret Christmas Name? No secret any more. It's

Giggley Brandy butter-Cheeks

I feel like a character out of Elves Behind Bars. Think you can do better? Give it a try.

Yips! to the Impenetrable One.

Posted by Robert at December 15, 2004 09:23 AM

Frosty Scrooge

Posted by: LMC at December 15, 2004 09:29 AM

I wonder what Mrs. LMC would say about that?

Posted by: Robert the LB at December 15, 2004 09:58 AM

Giggley Brandy butter-Cheeks


Posted by: Bill from INDC at December 15, 2004 10:30 AM

Mrs. LMC, heavy with child number 2 due over the drop zone next month, would not think that "Frosty Scrooge" was descriptive of your humble Llama Military Correspondent. How could she? After all, she often calls me the best husband she has had yet.

Posted by: LMC at December 15, 2004 11:21 AM
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