December 05, 2004

A Moral Victory That matters

Because, you know, it's all for the kids.....

Okay, I realize we probably aren't going to win the Coveted Bloggy as Best Culture Blog----Sondra K (sorry, no links for the enemy!) and Michele are way out ahead.

Yet, we are hanging in at a steady fourth, and here's the clincher: we're ahead of Gawker. Gawker? You only need to know one thing about Gawker: it's the evil mother blog that spawned Wankette onto the world.

So a vote for the LLamas as Best Culture Blog is a vote against Wonkette and all things skankorifically nasty of the Gawkette-Industrial Complex that Eisenhower so eloquently warned us about.

Vote for the LLamas, otherwise the wonkettorrists win!

Posted by Steve at December 5, 2004 06:24 PM

Wonkette, Gawker, Fleshbot, Screenehad, Gizmodo, et al. all seem to have the same corporate sterility at work. They don't feel like blogs. They feel like they work for art department of a snobby New York magazine.

I mean when Ace says he has cowbell, you know it's a) Ace, and b) he really means what he's saying. When the Llamas Yip, you know that they are a) llamas, and b) they really mean it.

All the Gawker Media sites feel fake to me. Like they see us as a "market" and not as people.

Posted by: DWC at December 5, 2004 09:31 PM

Yep. If there's one thing that MuNu lacks, it's corporate sterility.

Posted by: Pixy Misa at December 6, 2004 01:14 AM

You got my vote.

Posted by: Jane at December 6, 2004 12:02 PM
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