December 02, 2004

We Got Yer Cul-Chah Right Here, Pal!

The Wizbang 2004 Weblog Award polls are up. Somehow, we Llamas made the cut in the competition for Best Culture Blog.


If you're so inclined, we'd love it if you voted for us. Vote early and often. Not because we think we deserve it, but because we think we don't and it would be hy-larious if we won.

Think of it - The Llama as Arbiter Elegantiarum of the Blogsphere.


UPDATE: Thanks to that bitch Bill for giving us the luv. But passion and betrayal? Were we the ones who had to take time away from the relationship in order explore the, ahem, "chinchilla option"? Hmmm? I think not.

(We'll post our own lists of endorsements shortly.)

Posted by Robert at December 2, 2004 02:24 PM

You wanna explain to me what the hell a "culture blog" is? lol...good luck.

Posted by: Jeremy at December 2, 2004 09:55 PM
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