December 01, 2004

Bill's got his mojo back!

Yesterday morning, a testy INDCent Bill blogged "I got nothing. Go read Instapundit or something, you medlling mutts! Get the hell off my yard!"

Okay, so I made up the "go read Instapundit" part.

It made Baby Jeebus cry just thinking of it: what happened to this guy? Were we witnessing the tail end scene of some bizarre blogger remake of Valley of the Dolls, with Bill in the Patty Duke/Neely O'Hara role, where drunk with linkety fame, our silk pajama-clad anti-hero overdoses on Yoo-Hoo and 7-11 burritos, in the face of the meaningless of it all, with the last words "Damn you, LLamas! SEE YOU IN HELL!"

24 hours later, and he's back, bay-beee! And bitchier than ever!

Which is a relief, because I was at the point where I was going to have to go out and scare up a moonbat rally to take place right in front of his office to get the blood flowing again. And how would one do that? You know, the usual: leave a trail of pesto tofu, set off some patchouli stink bombs, put up some Tupak as Che posters---all the stuff that attracts the mating lunaris bongobangeritis. And if that didn't work....well, I was going to go out and paste some "International ANSWER Rally Against Evil in front of Bill's office: And did you know that INDC Journal is produced entirely by Guatemelan peasants grinding up endangered rainforest parrots, while being forced fed Hardees food served in styrofoam containers! And that Bill's real last name is "HALLIBURTON"???" posters up all around Adams-Morgan and Dupont.

And why would I do this? Because damn it man, we need him in the fight! Because if Bill (and Rusty for that matter) slacks off, it means the terrorists (and the moonbats) have won!

Posted by Steve at December 1, 2004 01:09 PM

Whoa this was link heavy. But today ain't mojo it's filler. And I'm sitting on about 85 month-old moonbat photos, 70 of them without jokes. When I finish that, if I do, the mojo will be back.

Posted by: Bill from INDC at December 1, 2004 01:27 PM
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