November 29, 2004

Entirely a question that you would expect Cliff Claven to have the answer to

The Brain is playing "6 Degrees of John Ratzenberger." To be perfectly honest, it's the reason why I can't take the otherwise excellent "A Bridge Too Far" too seriously: I mean, there's Robert Redford, looking absolutelyl dashing in casual olive twill and gold leaves, talking about how they're going to have to paddle their rubber boats across the river in face of stiff Kraut machine gun fire, and there's Cliff Claven, standing next to him. It would be like having Mr T showing up as one of the Nazis chasing the Von Trapp's through the convent. But then again, his range is impressive, having not only been in every Pixar movie, but also in his career making role as Achmed in 1979's Arabian Adventure, not to mention the pivotal character of "General Joe Brodsky" in the William Devane biopic "Time Stalkers."

UPDATE: Speaking of A Bridge Too Far, Rae has the goods on what memento the Marines left on the bridge into Fallujah.

Posted by Steve at November 29, 2004 01:11 PM

I saw an interview with the guy who plays Al Bundy. Apparently he had a small scene in a movie where he plays a lawyer in the Navy and it got cut from the movie cuz the whole audience laughed and said "look its Al!"

Posted by: IB at November 29, 2004 04:35 PM

Ah, Ed O' there's a great actor! "Dutch" is my favorite Thanksgiving-themed movie.

Posted by: Steve the LB at November 29, 2004 04:40 PM

Funny you should mention Cliff. I had to do an impersonation of him while playing Cranium. Unfortunately, my two team mates had consumed a few too many inebriates and the gals lost to the guys. While they (the men) were high-fiving, I reminded them that the only reason they won was because 2/3 of the opposing team was drunk. Present company not included. I am way too competitive to allow wine to get in the way of winning ;)

Posted by: Rae at November 30, 2004 01:31 PM
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