August 31, 2004

Drop cloth and sawdust

We've been suffering from a template problem apparently called "bottom bar" which was causing the right hand column to drop down to the bottom--making it so you can't easily see all the TastyBits (TM) over on the right hand side.

I've done a series of code changes to attempt to fix this---let me know via email or in the comments section below if it's still a problem (if it is, let me know what type of browser you are using at what resolution, approximatley). This wasn't a problem for everybody, and it's been tricky trying to figure this out.

If it still doesn't work, what I'll have to do is jettison this template and start over, which will be a pain but so be it. There are many features of MT that I really like, but this CSS code has been a bit of a pain in the Chirac, if you get my drift.

Posted by Steve at August 31, 2004 09:38 AM

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