November 15, 2005

Let Us Shut Our Eyes/ And Talk About The Weather

Our pal Chai-rista reports on the second half of Category Seven: End of the World. Her verdict? It couldn't even get "truly bad" right:

If you're going with a plot line as ass-stupid as, "Cool down the city and the hurricane that's already passing over will evaporate like Bourbon at a faculty party," then you need a monumentally stupid way to make that happen. Two people sitting at a computer watching a digital thermostat reading drop ain't cutting it. But that's what they did. The writers had the Power Plant shut down and instantly the air temps above Capital City began to drop like CGI tornadoes from animated clouds of recycled newsprint. But the only way to illustrate this tense plot point was to make the numbers go . . . uh, like . . . lower on the screen. Is there a way to get any duller?

Read the rest, as they like to say. I saw approximately 20 seconds of the show and then went on to more promising fare, flipping on AMC's airing of Memphis Belle instead, where it was quite amusing to watch Sam Gamgee fighting off 109's. Looks like I took the right flight.

UPDATE: In case you missed it, here is Chai-rista's take on the first part of Category Seven, which was much worse. I mean better. I mean better because it was worse.

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