November 09, 2005


Mary Mapes, looking rough, still flogging the Bush Texas Air National Guard story. Still believes in the story, still maintaines she has no duty to authenticate documents, still argues false-but-accurate is acceptable, and still believes Dan Rather has a alot of good work left in him. Her next segment will be on a book establishing once and for all, the irrefutable proof of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Bill Clinton's middle-class tax cut, and that Bush used Jedi mind-control tricks to cause Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jay Rockefeller, and Charles Shumer to all state Saddam had WMDs.

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I am Colonel Maurice Udell USAF (Ret), & GM 14 Civil Service Retired. I was Lt George W.Bush's
Fighter Pilot Instructor 1970, and was a member of the 147th FIG, 111th FIS from 1967 to 1985.
I volunteered for Combat only in Vietnam '68-'69,
and flew 43 Combat Missions. I came back to Houston and was Lt George W. Bush's Fighter Pilot Instructor in 1970. He was an Excellent Fighter Pilot! I won the "Top Gun" of the USAF
"William Tell" Air To Air Competition in 1980.
I had University Degrees and Graduate Degrees in Business Admin. and I graduated from the Air WAR College. I was credited with 31 years Military Service, and retired a full Colonel in 1985.
The "Memo - Gate" by Dan Rather.... (Mary Mapes and Bill Burkett) was a "Fraud", and not accurate as Mary Mapes states! Mary Mapes and Bill Burkett should have Federal Charges filed aagainst them for making and purporting these phony "Typed Memo-Gate" documents! I was in the
111th and 147th for the entire time, and Mary Mapes is simply an "inaccurate reporter" with a scorned attitude! Bill Burkett was in the Texas Guard Head Quarters but became insenced at George W. Bush, and became involved with the Memo
fiasco!! He was Army, and the Memos sounded like an Army guy writing about Air Guard Official Items he knew nothing about, or even the ability to write correctly about them! He suffered from losing his job, pension and medical benefits for continuing his blistering of
the Governor. Mary Mapes has very little knowledge of the military. She had a very bad attitude!
She called me on the phone and started asking questions. She said "you don't remember me"???!!! I said...yes I do...for a long time!!
I did not want to talk to her...but she would not
stop asking questions! I told her I was retired,
honorably, and receiving my pay for a full Colonel and a GM 14 Civil Service employ with 20 years service. I didn't want to answer any more of her questions... so I hung up the phone!!!
She was scorned!!!! I am sorry she lost her job with CBS, but I didn't fire her....the CEO of CBS did!! That "Memo - Gate" was a Fake and it was obvious from the first page! Lt Col Killian, for openers...coldn't type...and Marion Carr was an Ops Admin Specialist GS-5 or 6 and
not Jerry Killian's Secretary! Only the Group Commander had a Secretary!! All the "Memos" were strictly to try to officially damage Lt George W. Bush, and they not only didn't do anything to him, they pointed out that these were simply "wild, fake, and innappropriate charges"!!! Mary Mapes is simply a scorned woman reporter.... who can't accept being fired!! Maurice Udell, Colonel (Ret)

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