November 09, 2005


I went out on a limb and predicted Kilgore in a squeaker for governor, and Bolling and McDonnell by comfortable margins. The result was Kaine by a comfortable margin and Bolling and McDonnell by squeakers. (Fortunately for my family, I do not make my living by making these kinds of predictions.) I agree with Steve-O that Kilgore ran a crappy campaign. The reports this morning indicate that voter turnout barely topped 43 percent which means a good chunk of the Republican base stayed home. Kilgore was unnecessarily squishy on taxes and his ad attacking Kaine on the death penalty was a self-inflicted wound when a good chunk of the base is pro-life and ambiguous on the death penalty at best. Today, the Virginia GOP needs to be gracious to the libs on Kaine's victory, remember what won elections for them in the past, and work on expanding the base and getting it to the polls in the future.

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I think Kilgore may also have damaged himself among moderates in NoVa by hammering on his anti-abortion bona-fides in the last days of the election. I got no fewer than 3 automated calls over the last week from the Kilgore campaign that managed to inform me of how strongly pro-life Kilgore is before I even hung up. The seriously had me considering changing my vote to Kaine.

Posted by: Eric J at November 9, 2005 11:08 AM