October 31, 2005


Lileks is skewering MoDo today:

Itís interesting: women writing about what men want always comes down to the Problems of Women, and men writing about what women want comes down to the same thing. Women writing about men always seems like cats writing about dogs; they just canít believe that sitting around and waiting for supper or intruders is what itís all about. It has to be something more. A writer of the Dowd Brigade will ask: why does he want to go have pizza after sex instead of cuddling? A man, or a married woman, will say: because heís hungry. No, it has to be more than that. Is he using the trip to the fridge as a hedge against intimacy? No, heís using it as a means to get pizza. Because heís hungry. You want him to stay, put a frozen Totinos between the mattress and the box spring before you start.

On an impulse last week, I picked up a copy of James' Mommy Knows Worst. It arrived this weekend and was immediately glommed on to by the Missus, who spent a fair part of early yesterday evening guffawing over it.

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