October 23, 2005

The Virginia Governor's Race LLama Update

Here's your LLama scoop of the evening, from an unnamed source high up in the political commentary food-chain that I used to work for:

As far as Kaine, I've heard he wouldn't even be in favor of the death penalty for John Wilkes Booth. Pass it on. And Kilgore? He just isn't being straight with the people of Virginia; the guy actually likes Rock Hudson films.

Which gave me the idea for a great new horizon for wisenheimer bloggers like us: fake campaign ads. The one I was thinking of would mock the entire Virginia governor's race through a faux ad for Jerry Kilgore about how the only death penalty execution Tim Kaine was ever in favor of was the one for Jesus H. Christ.

Cranky, I think I need to call on your Flash Media skills on this one!

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