October 13, 2005

Random Commuter Thoughts

The Tim Kaine for Guv'nor crew were out at the Metro this morning handing out big, glossy pamphlets outlining Kaine's proposed transportation plan for Virginia.

I dunno what long-term effect the plan might have, but I can tell you its immediate effect, insofar as a very large person came to a complete stop on the escalator reading the damn thing, thereby blocking it just as a train was pulling into the station.

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If I have to see that damn ad with Kaine driving on the highway I don't know what I will do. Does anyone mention that major portions of Richmond are crime-ridden and bombed out? Tim Kaine. Ugh.

Also, does anyone else think that Gov. Warner looks kind of like Cartilage Head from Achewood? http://achewood.com/index.php?date=09132005

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