October 12, 2005


Susan Estrich was on Fox & Friends this morning hawking her book on Hillary. Estrich believes Hillary is unbeatable because she is a moderate who will attract Republicans. I think Susan needs a urine screen for controlled substances.

Yips! from Robbo:

Darth Estrich.jpg

"Give in to your anger, Young Republicans! Feel the Dark Side of the Force!"

Posted by LMC at October 12, 2005 08:48 AM | TrackBack

Are you sure she didn't mean Republicans as in the Spanish Civil War?

Posted by: Brian B at October 12, 2005 09:56 AM

LOL! I could swear I read an editorial that Estrich wrote a year or two ago saying that Hillary had no chance of winning in 2008.

Posted by: Gary at October 12, 2005 10:25 AM

Man, that sounds even more menacing in that three-pack-a-day growl of hers.

Posted by: The Colossus at October 12, 2005 10:54 AM

Estrich is being mocked on eBay for refusing to speak with Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick. I think you'll enjoy it.

Go to eBay and use key word search: Clinton will not like this

Posted by: dougfromupland at October 24, 2005 11:34 PM