October 07, 2005

Busy Weekend Ahead

Minimal blogging this weekend. For one thing, our computer at home appears to have died, so unless I can figure out what the problem is, I'm effectively cut off.

Also, the Missus is off tomorrow morning with the three year old to visit her family in Connecticut. And while the other two gels mercifully don't have soccer games this weekend, I'll still be shuttling them to a birthday party tomorrow morning, followed by an afternoon of Wallace & Grommit and dinner out. Sunday, I have to host coffee hour after church, then it's off to another birthday party and, if we still have the energy, another church-group grown-up party after that. Pluuuus, I have to figure out how to work some grocery shopping and lawn-mowing into the equation.

But I'm not greatly troubled. For tonight, I know, even if it's pouring rain out, there's pizza and a new bottle of wine in the house and Netflix delivered The Big Lebowski to my mailbox today.

So, as I say, probably little or no posting this weekend. But perhaps plenty to talk about after the fact.

Yip! at you later.

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The dude abides.

Posted by: Beck at October 9, 2005 11:11 PM