September 28, 2005

Ben Affleck for Senate? And here I thought "Gigli" would be the biggest bomb of his career...

affleck for senate.jpg

Here are our suggested campaign slogans:

Affleck for Senate: He'll put the "I" in Virginia

Affleck for Senate: He's not as callow, shallow, and stupid as he came across in Survining Christmas

Affleck for Senate: He'll do for Virginia what he did for the Daredevil Franchise

Affleck for Senate: Sure, maybe he'll visit his serfs, like, the week before the election

Affleck for Senate: Isn't it about time we had a Senator born in Berkeley California whose middle name is "Geza"?

Affleck for Senate: Will you quit laughing and listen to me? See, he's got a chance to win if the entire state south of the Toll Road forgets to vote

Affleck for Senate: Isn't it about time people stopped bugging John Warner about Liz Taylor?

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