September 12, 2005

Gratuitous Domestic Posting (TM) - Outdoor Division

One of the benefits of being in charge of the clean up at my church's Homecoming Day yesterday was that I was able to help myself to an armload of yellow and orange mums, which I took home and planted along the front walk. Frankly, I don't especially care for mums and when I do plant them, I treat them as late annuals - just something to add a bit of color until the frost hits. But I must say that the effect this time is very nice. The autumnal colors seem to make it feel about ten degrees cooler than it actually is.

And speaking of signs of fall, after I got done planting, I had a look at the back yard. The grass needs cutting and thatching. The clover is running rampant toward the top of the hill, while the false strawberry is entrenched further down the slope. "To hell with the lawn," I said to myself, "I'm going to go watch the ball game."

It felt goooood.

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