September 07, 2005

In Nomine Rigatoni et Linguini et Fettuccine

A few days back we Llamas joined the ranks of Pastafarian worshipers the Flying Spaghetti Monster and our lives have been forever changed.

Well now it's time for a little missionary work! In that vein, I give you Flying Spaghetti Monster - The Game. Use your noodly tentacles to convert the kids, but stay away from the black-clad school administrators. (Hint - watch the FSM's shadow to get a sense of depth.) My first time score was 4650, with 16 Pastafarian converts which, according to the game, entitles me to entry into the Heaven of the Beer Volcano and Stripper Factory. Sweeeeet.

Yips! to Orac at Respectful Insolence.

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